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Hearing Health

According to the WHO, more than 1.5 billion people live with hearing loss, over 400 million debilitatingly so. Yet only about 10 million people are fitted with hearing aids every year. The reasons for such a low uptake are complex and variable. Innovations in devices, diagnostic tools, and hearing care delivery models show great promise if they can be effectively brought to market. Let's work together to surmount the barriers and begin to address the global pandemic of untreated hearing loss.


As an in-ear device, a key function of any hearable will always be to deliver sound to the user. Understanding the relationship of sound to well-being is critical to anyone developing devices used for applications such as remote meetings, wellness apps, or hearing augmentation, as well as music. Connectivity and sensor fusion promise to make hearable use increasingly personal, taking into account location, mood, and overall health. Communicating the value proposition of these innovations to the consumer in compelling ways is not easy. Let's talk about creating your brand story.


The ability to communicate lies at the heart of who we are, a part of our common humanity that should be accessible to everyone. Innovations on multiple fronts will enable new ways for people to share thoughts, feelings, and needs regardless of one’s circumstances. Just as the audible component of communication is more holistically addressed through the convergence between hearing aids and hearables, a new class of technologies and sensors will do the same for communication more broadly. Let’s make this happen together.

Andrew with Doppler Labs Here One hearables 2017.jpg
Field testing Doppler Labs Here One at a bustling trade show in 2017

Andrew Bellavia

Prior to founding AuraFuturity, Andrew had previous experience in international sales, marketing, product management, and general management. Audio has been both of abiding interest and a market he served professionally in these roles. Andrew has been deeply embedded in the hearables space since the beginning and is recognized as a thought leader in the convergence of hearables and hearing health. He has been a strong advocate for hearing care innovation and accessibility, work made more personal when he faced his own hearing loss and sought treatment. All these skills and experiences are brought to bear at AuraFuturity, providing go-to-market, branding, and content services to the dynamic and growing hearables, hearing health, and broader communication spaces. 

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